We built Kazoom Kids on the belief that science is real, science is fun, and science is for everyone — especially our littlest learners. We believe deeply that science should be ungendered and we have made it our mission to spark scientific curiosity and a lifelong love of science and engineering for all children.

Like many parents, we were frustrated by the footwear options available today for young kids. So often, if shoes and socks are practical, they’re not stylish. If they’re stylish, they’re not practical. Kids aren’t usually thinking about durability and comfort though — they want footwear that’s fun! That’s why we set out to create a fashion-forward line of shoes and socks in bright colors and playful patterns that captivate kids and inspire their interest and curiosity for scientific discovery.  Why should superheroes and princesses get all the love? Kazoom encourages learning with cool themes and vibrant palettes that kids want to wear. 

The Three E’s

We know children have a natural inclination to explore, innovate, and discover, and it’s our job as parents and caregivers to nurture these qualities any way we can. Our fun line of footwear is EXCITING to show off, EFFORTLESS to wear, and ENGAGING for young minds.

  • Exciting

With bright colors and playful science-theme patterns, our shoes and socks are eye-catching and imaginative. We know you’ll love the quality of Kazoom Kids shoes and socks and the opportunity to build enthusiasm for science and engineering in your child.

  • Effortless

Our shoes and socks are comfortable, durable, and easy for active kids to slip on and off as they head out the door. Colorful soles won’t show dirt, and neoprene bodies resist water and clean up nicely.

  • Engaging

    Our packaging includes games and activities to get you started as you explore STEM concepts with your child. It empowers parents to highlight these topics in age-appropriate ways without overexplaining or oversimplifying.

When your child slips on Kazoom shoes and socks, that’s just the first step. It’s the adventures that follow that motivate us: Gazing at the stars. Digging for dino fossils. Building and innovating. Solving problems. Calculating the possibilities. Figuring out how things work. With every step, you’ll “sneaker” in science that sparks your curious kid’s interest in the world around them. Join the journey and enjoy the exploration that follows! 

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