Two kids in a science lab laughing at jokes

Science Jokes for Kids

Welcome to a galaxy of giggles. Kazoom Kids presents a cosmic collection of kids' jokes that’ll tickle funny bones and ignite curiosity faster than a rocket launch.

Embark on a laughter-filled journey through the cosmos of STEM jokes. Here, science isn’t just about facts―it’s about fun and discovery. Get ready to explore a world of STEM-tastic jokes that’ll have your little explorers chuckling while sparking their love for all things science.

  • Science Joke #1:

    I was reading a book on Helium..

    I couldn't put it down

  • Science Joke #2:

    Why did the Germ Cross the Microscope?

    To Get to the Other Slide

  • Science Joke #3:

    Q: What do computers like to eat?

    A: Chips

  • Science Joke 4:

    Q: Why can't you trust an atom?

    A: Because they make up everything!

  • Science Joke #5:

    Q: Why did the sun go to school?

    A: To get a little brighter!

  • Science Joke #6:

    Q: What do you get when you cross a snowman and a dog?

    A: Frostbite.

  • Science Joke #7

    Q: How do you organize a space party?

    A: You planet.

  • Science Joke #8

    Q: Why did the scientist install a knocker on his door?

    A: He wanted to win the No-bell prize!

  • Science Joke #9:

    Q: What did one volcano say to the other?

    A: I lava you!

  • Science Joke #10

    Q: Why do biologists look forward to casual Fridays?

    A: They're allowed to wear genes to work.

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