Sizing Help

You already know your child is unique–so is their shoe size. Given the unique nature of growth, your child’s feet may be bigger or smaller than what is considered average, and your kids sock sizes and shoe sizes can change rapidly as they grow. With this in mind, our shoe sizes run a bit large, giving your little ones just enough wiggle room to grow into their shoes. 

If you need help determining your child’s sock and shoe size, read below for tips on properly measuring your kids’ feet.

Shoe Size Chart - Toddler Shoes, Little Kids Shoes, Kids Shoes, and Youth Shoes

Checking for Comfort

How will you know if your child’s feet have outgrown a pair of shoes? Your child may not always tell you that they’re uncomfortable, but there are some signs you can look for. If your child frequently removes their shoes, trips, or is teetering or standing uncomfortably, their shoe size may have changed. 

How to Measure Your Child’s Feet

Determining your kids socks and shoe sizes may seem overwhelming, but it can be broken down into simple tasks. 

  1. Have your child stand with even weight on both feet.
  2. Measure the length of the foot, making sure there is half of an inch of ‘wiggle room’ for your child’s toes.
  3. Measure the width and also make sure there is a small amount of room at the end of the foot for the child’s heel.

It may be easier to measure your child’s shoe size later in the day because their feet can swell as the day goes on, and you’ll want to plan for ultimate comfort. 

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