Where does sand come from?

Where does sand come from?

Has your little one ever wondered where sand comes from? At Kazoom Kids, we love when curious kids ask BIG questions! As caregivers, we might not always know the best way to answer some of these questions. Don’t worry, we’re here to help! Enjoy the opportunity to explore this topic with your curious little one and enjoy the exploration that follows!

Question: Where does sand come from?

If you’ve ever gone to the beach and picked up a handful of sand it might feel soft and flow easily out of your hand. But did you know, sand is actually made of billions of rocks? These rocks become sand through a process called weathering. Weathering is when larger rocks are broken down into smaller and smaller rocks by wind or water. A rock might start hundreds of miles away from the ocean, but as it travels down rivers and creeks, it gets tinier and tinier until it arrives at the beach as a grain of sand.

The color of sand gives a clue to what kind of rock it is made from. Most beaches are a tan or beige color. These beaches have sand that are made from quartz and feldspar, which are brown to tan. Black sand beaches have sand that are made up of volcanic rocks like lava and basalt. There are even pink sand beaches! What is your favorite color of sand and why?

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