Make a Bowl Hurricane

Make a Bowl Hurricane

Kazoom Kids is committed to making STEM fun and approachable for kids of all ages. Enjoy this easy at-home science activity for kids with your curious little learner!

Hurricanes start as tropical storms in the ocean. As the warm ocean water evaporates, the air gets moist and Earth’s rotation turns it into a spiral shape. It rises and turns into bands of thunderstorms and wind. The spiral continues to vacuum up more warm air and the storm gets bigger, so the warmer the water, the stronger the hurricane. Once the hurricane gets strong enough, it can move across the ocean and hit land.

  1. Fill the bowl with water
  2. Start stirring the bowl with the spoon. Stir in clockwise motions and observe how the water moves. 
  3. Drop some blue food coloring in the middle of the “hurricane.” 

  • What happens to the food coloring? Does it stay in the center of the hurricane? How far does it travel?
  • What does this tell you about how rain travels during a hurricane? 

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