Create Your Own Pasta Fossils

Create Your Own Pasta Fossils

Time to have some DINO fossil fun! This Kazoom Kids at-home science experiment for kids is a fun, and easy, STEM activity you and your children will love!

TIP: If you don’t have pasta around the house use beads, toothpicks, pebbles, or sticks!
  1. Look at dinosaur fossils images or illustrations.
  2. Using the images or Science Zone sheet, take your dry pasta and/or objects to create the dinosaurs bone structure.
  3. Using the playdough/clay, press objects into the clay to make fossils of your own! Glue your objects to paper (for fossil creations you can keep)!
  • Looking at the Fossil Sheet or illustrations, do any of these bones look familiar? (Scroll to the end we've included some images)
  • Where are the leg bones? Where are the neck bones?
  • Think about your own skeleton. Are there any bones that this dinosaur had that you also have? Or any that are different than yours?

Click here to download the PDF version how to Create Your Own Pasta Fossils from Kazoom Kids Shoes and Socks. 

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