What is engineering? What do engineers do?

What is engineering? What do engineers do?

That’s a great question! Next time you’re with your little one try asking them what they think engineers do and take the opportunity to dig deeper and explore this subject further with them! Here is some extra info to help propel your conversation to the next level!

Engineering is a very interesting type of science that studies how and why things work! Engineers, the scientists who work in engineering, may build machines or structures to help fix a specific problem. Different engineers work on different problems. For example, a mechanical engineer might design an air conditioner that uses less energy while a civil engineer might study how to build a new road that will cause less traffic.

Look around your house – what structures or products do you think engineers might have studied or helped create? Start by identifying a problem, like that your house will get cold in the winter, and then think about what product or structure solves that problem. Spend a day, or afternoon, or even longer, talking about how things might work and why? Enjoy the exploration and the adventure that follows!

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